She is sometimes in Philadelphia, Pa or Providence, RI.  

 Right now ︎︎︎ She is currently an MFA candidate at NYS College of Ceramics at Alfred University in Alfred, NY. 

.gcode fueled pottery objects 

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100 Vases

2019 - 2020

💯 slipcasted vases, glaze, mixed media Installed at the Rhode Island Desert 

RISD BFA Ceramics Thesis

I take objects that are historically viewed as minimal and humble and lovingly dress them in vibrant patterns or hazy gradients with hand-crafted actionsthat mimic digital effects. I use the vessel as a conduit between tradition andpersonal experience, a symbol that evokes the long history of craft, while actingas a stand-in for a body. Utilizing the vessel, I alter their surfaces with layers of ornamentation as a strategy to investigate ideas about memory and self-identity.The different surface manipulation and alteration of each form signifies mystruggle of reconciling with my past self. Every time I revisit these memories, they become slightly altered blending together unreliably. This abstraction finds it’s way formally into my work as recognizable wares become warped & flattened.